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Mooring Services

Mooring Maintenance:

  • Maintenance is critical to ensure the reliability of your mooring system. At Reach Marine, we can make engineering assessments based on inspections as well as a maintenance plan to return and keep your mooring in premium condition.

  • Mooring maintenance must be carried out yearly, if a mooring is not maintained the owner may not be insured and liable for any damage caused by your boat if your mooring fails. See this article by Club Marine

  • A basic service includes:

  • Safely docking  to your vessel

  • Lifting mooring out of water

  • Cleaning any growth on ropes, chain & float.

  • Replacing any parts that are corroded or worn.

  • Replace your boat to the mooring.

  • We also will provide you with a detailed mooring inspection report, which includes measurements and photos.


New Moorings: 

  • To place a mooring in your local area, first you must contact NSW Maritime obtain a mooring license

  • A Basic Mooring Consists Of:

  • Concrete Block or weight

  • 2 – 5 meters of Heavy Duty ground Chain 

  • Heavy Duty Shackle and swivel

  •  Intermediate Chain

  • Polypropylene Mooring Rope

  • NSW Maritime approved Buoy with number

  • Float Rope with protective sleeve

Our Mooring Services:

  • Moorings are a significant part of our company, we supply new moorings as well as mooring service, maintenance, marina mooring lines, Removal & Relocation. No matter the depth, size, type or location of your mooring we will gladly service it.

  • We do all types of mooring including Swing, Eco-Friendly, Bee-Hive and all other types.

  • Prices for a mooring service/inspection will vary depending on condition of mooring, cost will depend on parts needed. Don't forget to check if you qualify for a discount. 

  • Reach us at 0476761000

Marina lines:

  • As well as open water mooring services, we also offer marina services such as: 

  • Counterweights.

  • Splicing ropes

  • Replacing worn ropes.

  • Rope inspections.

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