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Barge Hire

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M.V. Silverfish is a Aluminium, Shallow Draft Multi-purpose Vessel. She is Propelled by a 168 Hamilton Jet, driven by a 6BT Cummins Diesel (160kW), She is fitted with a 2 Tonne WWL "A-Frame" Crane and Wire Winch capable of a 6 Tonne pull. 

The Bow door allows for "Roll on- Roll Off" access with a 2.1 Meter opening. The available deck space is 14 square meters with a maximum width of 2.4 Meters.

M.V. Silverfish has an approved stability Document, which states the Maximum Cargo Load of 2.6 Tonne at a height of 1 Meter above the deck.

We have a range of Auxiliary Equipment, including a 3 kVA Generator,  3000 PSI Water Blaster and a 700 kPa Air Compressor, Other items can be arranged on request.

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